HubSpot Run As Workflow Field

The HubSpot Run As workflow field will determine what phone number is used when your Sakari account has multiple phone numbers.

Note: The "Run As" workflow field should only be populated when your account has multiple dedicated phone numbers assigned.


When you have multiple phone numbers mapped in your Sakari account, the HubSpot workflow "Run As" field allows you to define which phone number will be used to send your text message. 

There are three options when you have multiple phone numbers: 

  • Leave it blank
  • Use a tag
  • Use the contact owner token

Leave it Blank

Don't tag phone number, leave Run As field blank.  A round-robin will occur and Sakari will pick one of the available phone numbers.  When a conversation is started with a contact, it will persist on that thread until the conversation is closed. 

Use Tags

Phone numbers (and sender IDs) can be tagged.  When the phone number tag is included in the Run As field in the HubSpot workflow, the tagged phone number will be used to send your message. 

To add a tag to a phone number, please contact us.

Use a Contact Owner Tokens

Phone numbers can be mapped to individual contact owners in Sakari to provide dedicated phone numbers for each contact owner.  When mapped, the contact owner token should be used in the Run As field.  When the workflow runs, the contact owners phone number for the contact will be used. 

To add contact owner mappings to your phone numbers, please contact us.