Opt-In/Opt-Out flag creation

Add your contacts Opt-In and Opt-Out dates to your HubSpot account automatically.

This article walks through how to automatically track your contacts SMS opt-in and opt-out requests in HubSpot using the Sakari HubSpot integration.  Once configured, a custom field in HubSpot is automatically updated with the date of the activity.  

1. Create Two HubSpot custom fields. 

In HubSpot, create two custom Contact Properties with a "Date picker" field types, one for recording the opt-in date and the second for opt-out dates. These can be called whatever you'd like, in our example we've called them "optindate-1" and "optoutdate-1". 

Note: Be sure to record the internal name, we will need this later.  The field type should be "Date picker." 

Go to settings.

Create a new Contact properties property.

2. Sakari HubSpot Integration Setup

In Sakari, navigate to Integrations > HubSpot in the left menu.  In the HubSpot integration settings, add the two internal field names from HubSpot. 

Click save.

3. You're done.  

Now whenever a contact responds with a "Start" message the opt-in field in HubSpot will be updated with the opt-in date, and when a "STOP" message is received, the opt-out field will be updated with the opt-out date.