Missing "Send SMS" button in HubSpot

Send SMS Button Missing

Send SMS Button Active


If you don't see the "Send SMS" button in the Sakari HubSpot module, three likely reasons. 

1.) Phone Number

Confirm the contact in HubSpot has either a "Phone number" or "Mobile phone number" created for the contact.

2.) Sakari Mobile Mapping

Confirm what field is mapped as being the mobile property in Sakari for your HubSpot integration.  

During the HubSpot integration setup, you can select if you prefer the 'Phone number' or 'Mobile phone number' or a cascade of both fields as the mapped field.  If the contact does not have a phone number populated in the mapped phone field, the button won't appear. 

To update your preferred phone number field mapping

  1. Log in to your Sakari account
  2. Go to Integrations > Hubspot
  3. Select your preferred mobile property of either "Phone Number" or "Mobile Phone Number" or a cascade of both fields. When you select a cascade, Sakari will attempt to use the first value first, if it is not populated, the second value will be used.
  4. Click "SAVE"
  5. Click the synchronize button to update your existing contacts in Sakari

3.) Check User Permissions/User Notifications

User permissions and user notifications require additional account configuration by the Sakari team.  Unless this has been completed for your account, these values need should be turned off.