How to add HubSpot SMS Timeline events

How to turn on HubSpot timeline events on the contact record when a text message is sent or received


HubSpot SMS timeline events will record every sent and received text message to a contact. These are an optional (but recommended) Sakari HubSpot integration setting.


If you're not seeing HubSpot timeline events but expect to, be sure to confirm: 

  1. That the integration setting has been turned on (step #1 below).
  2. That the Sakari integration has been filtered on in HubSpot on the contact record (step #2 below).
  3. That you don't have duplicate contacts with the same phone number in HubSpot (do a search in HubSpot for the phone/mobile phone number). 

Setting up SMS Timeline Events

Step 1

In your Sakari account, go to Integrations > HubSpot in the left navigation.  Confirm (or turn on) the Timeline events toggle.  Save.


Step 2

In HubSpot, navigate to any contact record.  Click the "Filter activity" link in the top menu. Ensure that the "Sakari" option has been turned on under Integrations. 

HubSpot Contact SMS Timeline Event Examples