How to Create a HubSpot Task When a Text Message is Received

Automatically create a new HubSpot task when your contacts respond to your text message in HubSpot

Step 1

Log in to your HubSpot account

Step 2

Go to Automation > Workflows

Step 3

Click the Create Workflow button in the top right. 

Step 4

Select: Contact-Based > Start from Scratch.  Click "Create Workflow" button.


Step 5

Click the Set enrollment triggers button.

Step 6

Select the SMS Received property enrollment trigger type.

Step 7

Select "Message ID" as the trigger criteria with a value of "is known."  

Click the "Apply Filter" button.

Step 8

Click the "Re-enrollment" tab.  Make sure both boxes are checked on.

Step 9

Click "Save."

Step 10

Now you've completed your trigger, and you can select your available actions.  Actions will completed when the trigger event occurs. 


Step 11

Now we will add the action to create a task notification. Click the orange "Add an action" button.

Step 12

There are numerous action options you can select from.  Some of the popular ones are: 

  • Create a task
  • Send an internal SMS 
  • Send an email
  • Send notification
  • Trigger a webhook

In this example, we're going to walk through the "Create a task" action. 

Step 13

Complete the following:

  • Title - this will be the title of your created task
  • Due date - when the task is due to be completed
  • Email reminder - select if you want an email reminder to be sent to the task owner
  • Notes - add additional notes to the task
  • Assign Task to - select who owns the task

Click "Save" when complete.

Step 14

Click the "pencil" icon to give your workflow a name. 

Step 15

Click the "Review" button in the top right.

Step 16

Click the "Turn on" button in the top right.


Step 17

Click "OK" to confirm your workflow is on.


Step 18

You're done!  Now, whenever a text message response is received, a new task will be created for the contact owner requesting that they respond.