How to Use the URL Link Shortener

You can now shorten the URLs in your text messages using Sakari's link shortening feature. 

Please note: This feature is only available on paid Sakari plans.


1) Log into your Sakari account.


2) In the left-hand menu, go to Links and select URL Shortener.




3) Click the Red + sign to create a new link.




4) Create or update your short link by filling in the appropriate information.

  • Name: Give your shortened URL a name to help you distinguish it in the future
  • Domain: This is Sakari's domain name for your URL link
  • Destination URL: The final URL you want your contact to visit
  • Contact Tracking: With this turned on, you'll be able to download a report of the contacts who have clicked on your URL

Don't forget to click Save!





5) To use your shortened URL, go to the menu pane and select Send a Message. Click the Short Link icon to add your link.




6. Choose which short link you want to insert into your message.



7. Confirm your link information and destination URL. Click Add to add it to the rest of your text message.



8. This will appear as a long code of numbers and letters at the end of your Sakari message. 




9. Click Send. It will show up as the shortened link in your contact's mobile phone.




You've just sent a shortened URL link to your contact and saved yourself some messaging characters!


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