Using the Universal MMS Feature

Currently, Sakari only supports MMS messaging (images) within the US and Canada.

With Sakari's Universal MMS feature, you can now send MMS messages internationally via a unique link instead of an actual attachment. This is beneficial if your country and/or provider does not support MMS.


1) Log into your Sakari account. In the top right, go to Account Settings.





2) Scroll down and turn on the Universal MMS setting.



3) In the left-hand navigation menu, go to Send a Message. Choose your outbound phone number, the contact, and type in your message. Add your attachment using the paper clip icon.




4) When you send the message, your contact will receive a clickable link with a preview of your image. 




5) Once they click the link, it will open up your MMS attachment.   




6) Keep in mind that if you don't have the Universal MMS setting turned on, you'll see an Error Message in your conversations.




You've learned how to successfully send MMS messages!


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