How to Send MMS (images) in the Sakari Mobile App

In the Sakari mobile application, you now have the ability to attach existing images from your photo library or use your camera to take a photo on the spot.  


1) Make sure you have a Sakari account. You can sign up here:

2) Download the Sakari mobile application. It's available for both iOS and Android mobile phones.

3) Open an existing conversation or start a new one with a contact. At the bottom of the screen, select the camera icon.




4) You'll be prompted to Pick a Photo or Take a Photo.




5) If you select Take a Photo, the app will access your camera and you can take a picture right on the spot and attach it immediately.

6. If you select Pick a Photo, the app will open up your library of existing images for you to choose which one you want to attach.




7) Once you have an image attached, click the blue Send button. You have just success sent an image via the Sakari mobile application!


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