How to Verify your Hosted Phone Numbers with Sakari

When you configure your existing VOIP or landline phone number for texting with Sakari, a verification process to confirm ownership of the number is required.


Note: While verifying ownership of your existing VOIP or landline number for text messaging with Sakari, please have access to the phone number to receive a call. We will be sending a one-time verification code to the phone number during the setup process.


How to Verify your Number

1. In your Sakari account, click on Account Settings


2. Click on the Phone Numbers tab


3. For each phone number that is unverified, click the Verify icon. 




4. Verify ownership. A phone call will be made to the requested phone number for text-enablement.  You will be required to enter a one-time verification code confirming ownership of the requested phone number. 

Please enter the verification code and click the Verify button.




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