Send a Text Message from a HubSpot Contact

How to Send a Text Message from a HubSpot Contact



1. In HubSpot, go to any contact. 

2. Click the Sakari "Action" or  "Send SMS" button to open the Sakari text messaging interface.

3. Type your desired message (or use a HubSpot messaging template) in the Message field box.  This template can include static text, HubSpot tokens, links and emojis.

Acceptable fields: 

  • Static text 
  • HubSpot contact tokens - add HubSpot contact tokens using the internal field name with three opening and closing curly brackets (a.k.a. "squiggly") "{" like this: {{{firstname}}}
  • Emojis - paste your emojis 😀
  • Website Links - add website links (e.g.,,

Note: Shared pool conversations will not appear in the Sakari SMS Widget. However, they can still be viewed in the activity view or by clicking the "Send SMS" button.    This is because we populate this based on the group a conversation is associated with.

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