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How to Set Up the ActiveCampaign Integration

What this integration does

The Sakari ActiveCampaign integration allows you to:

  • Send text messages from ActiveCampaign automations
  • Configure SMS templates, have multiple phone numbers and send MMS (image) text messages
  • Send and receive messages from the Sakari mobile app
  • Gives visibility of the sent and received text messages inside of ActiveCampaign
  • Provides in-depth messaging details on the contact profile



1. Before you get started, please create a new Sakari account (if you haven't already) at:


2. Open ActiveCampaign.



3. In ActiveCampaign, click on the settings icon in the lower left. 




4. Click on  Show Navigation by hovering over the ActiveCampaign icon in the top left. 



5. Click on Developer.  



6. Create (or retrieve if existing) the API Key and API URL.  Copy these values down.


7. Log in to Sakari at



8. In Sakari, open the ActiveCampaign integration under Integrations > ActiveCampaign. Copy and paste the information for the API Key and API URL directly into the proper fields inside of Sakari. 



9. There are four optional settings.  We recommend turning all of these on and clicking Save.  These will create new attributes that live on the contact record in ActiveCampaign. 

  • Timeline Inbound Events - Create a Note when a new message is received
  • Timeline Outbound Events - Create a Note when a new message is sent
  • Enable Opt In/Out - Receive dates when contacts Opt-In and Opt-Out to messages as contact custom fields in ActiveCampaign
  • Received Message Information - Add last message received info to ActiveCampaign as contact custom fields



ActiveCampaign Sakari Properties




10. Once you've chosen your options, click the blue Save button. This will automatically begin connecting your ActiveCampaign and Sakari account for an initial sync. Once the sync is completed and successful, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Going forward, anytime a contact is added or edited inside of ActiveCampaign, the information will be updated inside of Sakari.

Note: In your confirmation email, if you see that you have invalid contacts, those are contacts that don’t have a phone number inputted into their contact information.


You're done- you've completed the full Sakari and ActiveCampaign integration!





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