How to Import HubSpot Lists to Sakari Contact Tags


How can I bulk import my HubSpot lists in to Sakari as contact tags? 

Sakari contact tags can be used to organize your contacts in Sakari, and to send bulk messaging campaigns through the Sakari dashboard. 

For HubSpot customers not on a Professional plan, they don't have access to HubSpot workflows.  This article walks through how to add your HubSpot list tags to Sakari in bulk. 

Note: Tags will not update automatically in Sakari. When your list changes in HubSpot you need to update the tags in Sakari by clicking the Synchronize Lists button.


Step 1

In HubSpot create your list of contacts.  The list may take a few minutes to populate. 


Step 2

Log in to your Sakari account here:


Step 3

In the left navigation go to Integrations > HubSpot


Step 4

Click the blue "Synchronize Lists" button in the lower right.


Step 5

Wait a few minutes, you will receive an email when the synchronization is complete. 


Step 6

Your HubSpot list will now be added as a contact tag for all of the matching contacts.  These can be viewed by going to Contacts in the left navigation. 


Step 7

These tags can be used in your Sakari messaging campaigns to filter your contacts. 

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