How to Send a Rich Text Message in Sakari


How can I send a rich text message linked message using Sakari? 



What are Rich Text Messages?

Rich text messages are text messages with a link to a Sakari-hosted webpage within your text message. These hosted pages can be used for a variety of applications, including: 

  • Review Requests
  • Appointment reminders
  • Coupons
  • Event announcements

Rich text messages have the advantage over a standard webpage of being customizable for a specific user.  Customizable elements include names, dates, maps, call to actions and more can be included in your rich text message page. 


How Can I send the using Sakari?

Rich text messages are created in Sakari using two templates:

  • Web Template - The web template is an HTML (webpage) that is customized for your business application.
  • SMS Template - The SMS template is used to "deliver" the rich text message to your contact. It includes a link to the Web template.



Setup Steps

1. Log in to your Sakari account at


2. In the left navigation go to Templates > Web


3. Create/Edit the web template you would like to send.  The templates are built in HTML.  After you've completed editing your template, save it.  

By default, your Sakari account will come preloaded with six example web page templates.  

Pro Tip: You can use an online HTML preview tool like to be able to preview the webpage as you edit it.


4. Create a SMS template. In the left navigation go to Templates > SMS.   The SMS template is used to send the web template as a link. 

In our example, we are going to use the Review Request Web Page template. 

Click Save.

Pro Tip: To enter the wildcard tokens for First Name and the Review Request Web Page click the button links below the message box. 


5. You're done.  You can now send your message as a template in Sakari, or in HubSpot using a webhook


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