How to Create a Sakari Web Hook


How do I create a webhook in Sakari? 



Webhooks can be created in Sakari using a variety of triggering criteria. 


1. In your Sakari account left navigation go to Integrations > Web Hooks.


2. Click the "+" sign to create a new Web Hook


3. Select your preferred webhook trigger: 

  • Message Received - triggered when a new message is received from a contact
  • Message Sent - triggered when a new message is sent from a contact
  • Message Status - triggered when a message status changes
  • Contact Created - triggered when a contact is created in Sakari
  • Contact Updated  - triggered when a contact is updated in Sakari
  • Contact Removed  - triggered when a contact is deleted in Sakari
  • Contact Opt Out - triggered when a contact opts-out of text messaging 
  • Contact Opt In - triggered when a contact opts-in to text messaging 
  • Conversation Started - triggered when a new conversation is created with a contact
  • Conversation Closed - triggered when a conversation is closed with a contact


4. Add your webhook URL and click save.


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