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How to Set Up the Pipedrive SMS Integration


The Sakari Pipedrive integration allows you to:

  • Send and receive text messages from your Pipedrive account
  • Save SMS templates, have multiple phone numbers, send and receive MMS (image) messages
  • Send and receive messages from the Sakari mobile app
  • Track all message history in Pipedrive

Connecting Pipedrive to Sakari

  • Log in to your Sakari account at
  • In the left navigation, go to Integrations > Marketplace
  • Find the Pipedrive integration click View and Add
  • Now you'll connect your Pipedrive account.  Please ensure the integration is set to All users (see note below)

Note: When setting up the Pipedrive SMS integration, be sure to share it with your account.  If you don't do this, other members of your team will not be able to send text messages using Sakari.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 1.35.42 PM.png

Timeline Display Type

You have three options on how SMS information is pushed back to Pipedrive contact records: 

  • Notes - this will create a new note each time a SMS is sent or received to a contact in Pipedrive
    • Sakari annotated sent and received times are in UTC.
  • Activity - this will create a new activity each time a SMS is sent or received to a contact in Pipedrive
  • Disabled - this will disable all events back to Pipedrive



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