Messages Marked "Sent" or "Delivered"

Messages with a messaging status of “sent” or “delivered” indicate Sakari has received a confirmation the message was sent to the carrier, or the carrier provided a delivery receipt indicating the message was sent or delivered to the contacts handset.

Troubleshooting tips for messages not received with a status of "sent" or "delivered": 

  • Does the mobile device have sufficient signal? If not power the device off, wait 30 seconds, and then power it back up.
  • Is the destination mobile device powered on?
  • Is the device connected to the home carrier's network? We cannot guarantee message delivery on devices roaming internationally, or off-network.
  • Can the mobile device receive non-Sakari text messages?
  • Can the mobile device receive messages from another Sakari number, or with a shorter one-segment (non-concatenated) message body?
  • Can other devices using the same mobile carrier receive your messages?
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