How to Refresh Your Aircall Phone Numbers

After you've connected your Aircall integration with Sakari, you can refresh your integration to pull your new phone numbers in to Sakari. 


Refreshing your Aircall Phone Numbers

1. Make sure you've already connected your Aircall integration


2. Click the Refresh button.  This will update Sakari with your latest Aircall phone numbers. You'll receive and email when the refresh is completed. 




3. Check Sakari for your latest phone numbers by going to Account Settings in the top right and clicking on the Phone Numbers tab. Your new phone numbers should be visible.


PRO TIP: Not seeing your Aircall phone numbers in Sakari?  Check the AirCall Number Import email report.


4. Check your email for the AirCall Number Import report.  If any phone numbers have an Active status of False they will not be imported in to Sakari.  

If these phone numbers should be text-enabled, please contact the Aircall support team via the "number purchase and porting" section on

Aircall has its own support system for contacts. If you're new to Aircall Support, please follow the instructions they provide on this guide.



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