Received Message Information HubSpot Integration Setting


What does the "Received Message Information" setting do? 

In the Sakari HubSpot integration settings is the option to enable "Received Message Information."  When enabled, this will create nine new HubSpot contact properties in your HubSpot account. 

Each time you receive a new text message the properties will be updated. 


How can I use the new HubSpot properties?  

The new contact properties in HubSpot can be used in a variety of ways, including HubSpot dashboard reporting, as a workflow trigger or in workflow actions. 


What are the new properties? 

Message Received At 02/24/2020
Message Received Body Hello, this is a customer reply message example.
Message Received Destination  +13143905126
Message Received Error  
Message Received ID 5e5445bb281a8e0f38498763
Message Received Price 0.04
Message Received Segments 1
Message Received Status received
Message Received Type sms


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