Using the Sakari Slack integration, you will be able to:

  • Receive a Slack notification anytime a new text message is received
  • Respond to text messages in Slack
  • Initiate a new text message conversation directly from Slack
  • Define by each phone number group what Slack channel should be notified


Setting Up Your Slack Integration

  • Log in to your Sakari account at
  • In the left navigation, go to Integrations > Marketplace
  • Find the Slack integration click View and Add
  • Connect your Slack instance
  • Select each phone number group and what Slack Channel should be notified when a text message is received

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Using the Sakari-Slack Integration

You can now keep track of which messages have been replied to directly inside of Slack. A green checkmark will indicate that the Sakari SMS message has received a response, helping you avoid any communication gaps.

NOTE: We've recently updated Sakari + Slack permissions so you can access new SMS features.  To access these, you must disconnect and reauthorize your Slack integration if you've previously installed it.

Responding to Messages

Inside of Slack, click Reply on the message you want to respond to.




Type in your reply and press Send.




A green checkmark will pop up that indicates the message has received a response.



Slack Notifications

With the new Sakari Slack integration you will be able to define more granular rules on which Slack channels should be notified when a new text message is received.  The rules are defined based on Sakari phone number groups.

How to Set Up Slack Group Notifications 

  • Make sure you have enabled phone number groups in Sakari. You need to be a member of each phone number group to set up communication preferences.
  • Go to Integrations and select your Slack integration
  • Click + Add another
  • Set the group that you notifications for, and the Slack channel where you want to receive that notification
  • Click Save

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