Set Up a SMS Opt Out Flag in HubSpot

Add your contacts Opt-In and Opt-Out dates to your HubSpot account automatically.

After connecting your Sakari account with HubSpot two new contact attribute fields will be added to your HubSpot account: 

  • Opted In - a date picker field (HubSpot internal field name: sakari_opted_in) 
  • Opted Out - a date picker field (HubSpot internal field name: sakari_opted_out) 


When Are These Populated

Whenever your contact replies with a "Start" or "Stop" response, these fields are automatically updated in HubSpot with the date that the "start" or "stop" response was received.

If the "Opted Out" attribute field has any value in it, then you won't be able to send a message from the Sakari pop-up on that Contact's page as the text-box to input the message and the "send" button will be missing. You'll still be able to see the conversation history by clicking on "Send SMS" on the pop-up, as usual.

Screenshot_2021-01-14_at_18.31.34.png Screenshot_2021-01-14_at_18.32.41.png


HubSpot Opt-In SMS Field



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