How to Add HubSpot Additional Contact Owner Attributes (JSON)

The Sakari HubSpot additional contact owner attributes allow you to inject additional owner attributes as token in your message templates.



What are HubSpot Additional Contact Owner Attributes (JSON)? 

HubSpot uses the Contact owner properties to set the ownership of a contact, but unfortunately, the only contact owner attributes that can be defined in HubSpot are the contact owners name and email address.
In many cases you may want to include more personalized information in your text message that is specific to a salesperson (e.g. phone numbers, titles, demo links, etc.). 

In this article we’ll walk through how to create personalized HubSpot text messages that allow you to add ANY contact owner attributes dynamically in to your sales message.  Using just a single template, we can automatically insert a salesperson phone number, name, title, demo links – whatever!



To use the HubSpot Additional Contact Owner Attributes (JSON) fields we will be using the Sakari SMS "Send SMS" extension in HubSpot workflows. 


JSON Setup

The Additional Contact Owner Attributes field is how we will define the contact owner attributes that will be added to the text message. The structure of these fields is in JavaScript Object Notation.
The “” email address from our example should be the email address associated with the HubSpot user.  All information associated with the contact owner will be looked up using the JSON we are going to create.  In our example, for each contact owner we are defining their mobile phone number, first name, title and a demo link.  We can create any attributes here we want, calling it whatever we would like.

The JSON structure should be repeated for every contact owner in your organization.

After you’ve completed your JSON, paste it in the Additional Contact Owner Attributes (JSON) field in the Sakari HubSpot integration. 

Pro Tips:
  • Download the sample JSON used below here: JSON Sample Link
  • If you need help structuring and validating your JSON, this JSON formatter is a great resource.
  • Your email address needs to match EXACTLY. It is case sensitive.
JSON Example
    "title":"Sales Associate",
    "title":"Sales Associate",

Message Template

The message field defines what will be sent to your contact.  You have a choice of either using an entirely static message, or adding HubSpot contact token (wildcard) fields that will automatically populate personalized information specific to that contact.
In our example, we will create a message that will automatically insert the contacts first name as well as contact owner attributes pulled from our JSON data.
  • To add a contact attribute (e.g. first name), select the “Contact token” button and select your field from the dropdown menu.  In our example, we added the contacts first name.
  • To add contact owner attributes the structure should be: [[[hubspot.owner.fieldname]]]. The “fieldname” corresponds with the names defined in the Additional Contact Owner Attributes (JSON)

Example Template


Completed Sakari Structure



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