How to Set Up HubSpot Auto-Responders

Create a HubSpot workflow to automatically respond to your contact when a trigger keyword is sent to your dedicated number.

NOTE: prior to setting this up, please ensure that the Sakari HubSpot integration setting of "Received Message Information" has been turned on for your account and you've received at least one text message.
NOTE: This features requires a dedicated phone number in your Sakari account. Please contact us to set that up.




1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows

2. Click Create workflow

3. Select a Contact-based with a type of Start from scratch.  

4. Click Set enrollment triggers



5. Select the Contact Properties filter type.  Search for the word "message" and select Message Received Body.



6. Now we will define what our trigger keyword is. 

In our example, we want the keyword to be exactly the word "Pizza", so we will select is equal to any of and enter the word "Pizza" (no quotes) and click enter.

Now click the Apply filter button.



Note: This step is optional, but we will now turn re-enrollment on.  Re-enrollment will allow a contact to be re-enrolled in your workflow, allowing it to run multiple times for the same contact.

7. We will now turn re-enrollment on by clicking the Re-enrollment tab and selecting the two checkboxes.

Click Save.



8. Now we'll configure the message that is received when the trigger keyword is sent.

Click the orange "+" icon to Add an action.





9. Click the Sakari Send SMS integration extension.



10. Now we will setup the message that is sent. 

  • Phone Number - typically you'll use the contact tokens to enter the mobile number or phone number here
  • Message - the message you want to send
  • Messaging Type - select transactional or marketing.
  • Run As - this is only used when you have multiple dedicated phone number.  Learn more about the Run As field.

When you're done, click Save



11. Give your workflow a name by clicking the pencil icon to the right at the top.

The HubSpot auto-responder workflow has now been set up. 




12. Click Review in the top right to turn your workflow on and you're done!




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