Sakari Auto-Responders

Auto responders can be setup for your account to automatically reply when a contacts submits a specific keyword to your account.


Sakari can enable automatic responses for your dedicated Sakari phone number.

Using auto-responders, anytime a text message is received that meets your conditional rules, a pre-formatted automatic response can be sent within seconds. Auto-responders are a great way to let your contacts know you'll be in touch, or to automate the sending of personalized information.


Setting Up the Auto-Responder

You can configure the auto-responder for your account.  When setting up the auto responder, you can configure the conditions that will trigger the auto response, as well the what the response will be.


Sent Message Configuration Options

  • When a single specific word or number is provided (e.g. "pizza" or "27")
  • When multiple specific words or numbers are provided (e.g. "Fall Promo", or "Fall 2020")
  • When any words or numbers are sent

Automatic Reply Options

  • Reply with a hardcoded word or paragraph (e.g. "Thanks for contacting us, someone from the team will be in touch shortly.")
  • Personalized responses based on provided information in the sent message. For example, if the contact sends the message "House 24", the response could be "Thanks for contacting us about house number 24, Mary from the sales team will respond shortly."


1. In your Sakari account, navigate to Auto Responders


2. Once clicked a window will appear with options to configure your auto responder.Screen_Shot_2022-07-29_at_10.27.38_AM.png

3. If you want to use a non case sensitive keyword select the Simple type, and under Match add the keyword you would like to write a response to.  

4. Write a response, this is what will be sent back to your user when they respond with the matched keyword.

5. If you would like to set up an auto responder that matches all messages regardless of content, set your type to advanced, and in the match field add ^.Screen_Shot_2022-07-29_at_10.32.33_AM.png

6. To set an auto responder that matches a keyword in a given message, again select advanced as your type, and in the match field add (?:^|\W)keyword(?:$|\W).  The (?:^|\W)(?:$|\W) surrounding 'keyword' is code to let Sakari know that whatever is in between the code is the keyword you'd like to search a message for.


7. Hit save and make sure to test your auto responder!




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