Setup Received Message Notifications (Email, SMS, Desktop)


There are various options for getting notified when a new text message has been received; this article focuses on the three notification options generated from Sakari itself:

Only the logged-in User can choose notification options in Sakari, and their choices will only be relevant to their User profile (i.e. only they will receive the selected notifications).  Account Administrators cannot configure notifications on a User's behalf for security reasons.

HubSpot and Slack Notifications

Would you like to create notifications directly in HubSpot or through Slack?   Please see these articles:


  • In the left navigation, select Settings > Notifications



You'll be presented with a list of the Groups you are a member of in your Sakari account, with the three different notification options available for each Group.

Selecting a notification channel for a Group means that you will be notified via that channel when an incoming message is received to the number in that Group.

Notification Options

  • Email will email the email address of your user profile) when a new text message is received.  Email notifications support Email to SMS - responding to the email sends the reply as a text message to the contact
  • SMS will send a text message to your personal phone number (from your user profile) when a new text message is received
  • Browser will create a desktop notification within your web browser when a new text message is received.  Please be sure you have enabled Chrome Desktop notifications


  • Select the notification options you want to enable 
  • Click Save

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