How To Create a HubSpot Mobile App Notification When a Text Message is Received


How can I automatically create a HubSpot mobile app notification when a contacts responds to a text message? 



This can be accomplished using a HubSpot workflow.




1. Log in to your HubSpot account.

2. In the HubSpot top navigation go to Automation > Workflows.

3. Click the Create Workflow button in the top right. 

4. Select: Contact-Based > Start from Scratch.  Click "Create Workflow" button.

5. Click the Set enrollment triggers button.

6. Select a workflow trigger of Contact Properties

7. Select the contact property of Message Received ID as the trigger criteria with a value of is known.

Click the Apply Filter button. 

8. Click the Re-enrollment tab.  Make sure both boxes are checked on.

9. Click Save.

10. Now you've completed your trigger, and you can select your available actions.  Actions will be completed each time the triggering event occurs. 

11. Now we will add the action to create a task notification. Click the "+" sign to add an action.

Select the "Send in-app notification" action. 




12. Now we will define who will receive notification and what notification will be created. 

  • Who Will be Notified - Who can receive an in-app notification (multiple options can be selected):  
  • Notification Via - Select Mobile push
  • Notification Created - In our example we've automatically included the first and last name tokens as well as the Message Received Body contact property, which includes the actual text from the contact. 

Click Save



12. Give your workflow a name, turn it on and you're done.

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