Connecting your Twilio account to Sakari allows you to utilize all of the Sakari integrations, while managing your messaging with Twilio.

You will pay Twilio directly for all sent and received messages, and pay Sakari a software fee based on the volume of messages sent. These are called the "Pass-Through Plans." Please contact Support for information on the Twilio Pass-Through Plans and the available options.

There are three setup steps to connect your Twilio account with Sakari:

Link your Twilio Account to Sakari

  • Login or create a Sakari account:
  • Log in to your Twilio account console (
  • Search for API Keys in the top right
  • Record the Account SID that is displayed.  This will be needed in a later step.
  • Click the Create API Key button
  • For the friendly name, enter “Sakari”
    • Select your correct region
    • Select a standard Key Type
  • Click on Create button. 


  • Record the API SID and Secret.
  • Log in to your Sakari account at
  • In the left hand navigation panel, navigate to Integrations > Marketplace
  • Find the Twilio integration click View and Add
  • Enter the information from Twilio. 

Adding your Twilio Numbers

Once you have connected your Twilio account with Sakari, you can easily add your Twilio numbers to your Sakari account. 

Adding your Twilio numbers: 

  • In the Sakari left hand navigation panel, navigate to Senders > Add Sender
  • Select Import Number, select Twilio
  • Select the number(s) you would like to import and click Import

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 2.29.01 PM.png

Not seeing your numbers?

If your Twilio numbers are not visible in Sakari, please check two things:

  • Make sure your messaging service is deleted. Your messaging service needs to be deleted prior to configuring the integration.
  • Make sure your Twilio Routing region on the phone number matches the Routing region on the API credentials you have created.

Select your Sakari Pass-Through Plan

  • In the left navigation select Settings > Plans & Billing
  • Select the Change Plan sheet
  • Select one of the Pass-Through plan options

If you have any questions about our pricing, or the best plan for your business please contact our sales team at

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