How to Connect Twilio to Sakari


Can I connect my existing Twilio account with Sakari? 



Yes. Connecting your Twilio account to Sakari allows you to utilize all of the Sakari integrations, while managing your messaging with Twilio.

You will pay Twilio directly for all sent and received messages, and pay Sakari a software fee based on the volume of messages sent. These are called the "Twilio Pass-Through Plans". Please contact Support for information on the Twilio Pass-Through Plans and the available options.


How to Link your Twilio Account to Sakari

1. Login or create a Sakari account:

2. Upgrade your account to the Starter plan, this will put your credit card on file in the Sakari payment system.  

3. Log in to your Twilio account console (

4. Click on the “Cog” icon in the top right corner and select Settings.

5. Record the Account SID that is displayed.

6. Click on API Keys in the left menu navigation.

7. Click on the red “+” button

8. For the friendly name, enter “Sakari” and click on Create API Key

9. Record the API SID and Secret.

10. Log in to your Sakari account at

11. In the left hand navigation panel, navigate to "Integrations" and then "Twilio"

12. Enter the information from Twilio.

Phone numbers should be entered in the E.164 format.  If you have multiple phone numbers, separate they using commas. 

Select your preferred Twilio Pass Through Plan. 

13. Click Save.  

14. Your Twilio phone numbers should now be visible in your Account Settings under Phone Numbers in Sakari. 

NOTE: If your Twilio numbers are not visible in Sakari, please check your messaging service in Twilio. Your messaging service needs to be deleted prior to configuring the integration.


Complete Twilio Pass-through Account Setup



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