Bulk Importing/Uploading and Editing Contacts in Sakari

How to bulk import or update contacts in Sakari.

You can easily upload and edit your contacts using the CSV upload tool. 


Bulk Editing/Adding Contacts

1. Select Contacts from the left navigation menu. 



2. Click the Upload icon in the upper left. This will open the file upload modal.




3. Select your file to upload by clicking the "CSV" icon or dragging your file on top the CSV icon. 


Information on the contacts file upload process:  

  1. To get you started, download the example template: CSV Contacts Upload Template 
  2. Only CSV file formats are accepted.  
  3. The standard upload process will append new contacts data to existing contact records, Select the "Remove data not present in upload" toggle to completely update all contacts records with the latest file upload. 
  4. Multiples tags can be uploaded at a time, but must be pipe delimited (e.g. "Fall 2020 Campaign | Mover" would create two tags). 



4. Map your data fields.  Mobile and country code are required fields for each upload, the rest of the data fields are optional (see the "Different types of data fields" section below for more information).  

The system will try to identify common spellings of expected fields, if you need to change the mapping, select the pulldown in the column field to change the mapped data field.  Any data fields not needed in the file upload can be ignored by clicking the trash can icon to the right of each row. 

Click "Upload" and you're done! 


Different types of data fields

There are four types of data fields associated with each contact:

  • Required Fields - the country code and mobile number are required for every contact. 
  • Core Fields [Optional] - First name, last name and email are core fields.   These fields are optional, but a placeholder always exists for these values. Core fields can be used in messaging campaigns to filter your results and can be add as wildcard fields in text messages.   
  • Attributes [Optional] - Attributes are completely customizable by the user.  Each attribute will include a Name/Value pair (e.g. Name = "Job Title", Value = "Mover"). Attributes can be used in messaging campaigns to filter your results and can be add as wildcard fields in text messages.   
  • Tags [Optional] - Tags are completely customizable by the user.   Each customer can have 0 to N tags.  Tags are a quick way to group contacts together (e.g. "San Diego Office" or "Fall 2020 Campaign") and can be used in messaging campaigns to filter your results.  
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