Editing Contacts Using the Sakari Website UI

How to edit an individual contact in Sakari using the user interface.

This article will discuss how edits to your contacts data are made using the website user interface. Contact data edits can also be made using the CSV bulk update process, you can learn more about that here: Bulk uploading and editing contacts



Editing Contact Attributes and Tags

1. Select Contacts from the left navigation menu. 


2. Click the Edit icon to the left of the contact you would like to edit. 



Adding/Editing/Deleting Tags

1. In the Tags field type your new tag name and click enter. 


2. Click Save.


3. To delete a tag click the "X" and Save.




Adding/Editing/Deleting Attributes



1. Click Add to add a new name/value pair for a contact (e.g. Type = Employee)


2. Click the "Disk" icon to save the attribute. 


3. Click the Save button. 


4. To delete an attribute click the "X" and Save button.


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