How to Add HubSpot SMS Timeline Events to the Contact Record

How to turn on HubSpot timeline events on the contact record when a text message is sent or received



HubSpot SMS timeline events will record every sent and received text message to a contact. These are an optional (but recommended) Sakari HubSpot integration setting.



If you're not seeing HubSpot timeline events but expect to, be sure to confirm: 

  1. That the integration setting has been turned on (step #1 below).
  2. That the Sakari integration has been filtered on in HubSpot on the contact record (step #2 below).
  3. That you don't have duplicate contacts with the same phone number in HubSpot (do a search in HubSpot for the phone/mobile phone number). 


Setting up SMS Timeline Events

Step 1

In your Sakari account, go to Integrations > HubSpot in the left navigation.  Confirm (or turn on) the Timeline events toggle.  Save.



Step 2

In HubSpot, navigate to any contact record.  Click the Filter activity link in the top menu.

Ensure that the Sakari SMS option has been turned on under Integrations. 







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