No "Send SMS" Button in HubSpot


After setting up the Sakari integration with HubSpot, each Contact record will have a new Sakari module on the right sidebar.  It should look like this:

Sakari "Send SMS" Button Active



Not seeing the Sakari "Send SMS" button here?  Here are some things to check.

Missing...or Hidden?

When you don't see the Sakari section on the HubSpot contact record after setting up the HubSpot integration, it's likely just hidden in the lower right sidebar.

Sakari Module Hidden



Go to a HubSpot contact record and scroll down.  Expand the module open and drag it up to your preferred location.  

Drag and Expand Hidden Module [Video]


Sakari "Send SMS" Button Missing

If the Sakari module is visible on the HubSpot contact record, but the "Send SMS" button is missing, there are a few things to check. 



Check the Contact's Phone Number

Confirm the Contact in HubSpot has either a Phone Number or Mobile Phone Number.



Check for Duplicates

Check if you have duplicate contacts in HubSpot with the same Phone Number / Mobile Phone Number.

If there is more than one Contact record with the same number, only one will have a "Send SMS" button.


This is the Contact ID mapped in Sakari to that telephone number.

In HubSpot, merge all other Contact IDs with the same number with the mapped Contact ID.


Check the Mobile Phone Property setting

During the HubSpot integration setup, you must determine which of your Contacts' telephone numbers you want Sakari to send SMS to.

This is done in the Mobile Phone Property setting by selecting the Phone Number property, Mobile Phone Number property, or a cascade ('if no number in this, then this').

When synchronising a HubSpot Contact with Sakari, the value in the selected field is mapped in Sakari to that specific HubSpot Contact ID.

If the contact does not have a phone number in the property that aligns with your integration settings, no button will appear.

PRO TIP: To update your Sakari integration settings: How to Set Up the HubSpot SMS Integration


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