Contact Lists allow you to organize and group your contacts easily.  Lists can be used in your Sakari messaging Campaigns, as well as workflows. 


Create a List

  • In the left navigation, select Contacts
  • Select the Lists sheet
  • Click the Add New List button
  • Click the pencil icon to rename the list

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Add Contacts to a List

This can be done from the Contact Card, the main Contact view, and the Lists tab.

An individual Contact can be part of one list, many lists, or no lists.


From the Contact Card

  • Click on the Contact record to open their Contact Card.
  • In Lists, click Add To List
  • Select the List you want to add the Contact to 



From the main Contacts view

You can use this option to add Contacts you have already added to Sakari to a List. 

Click the checkbox to the left of the name to select the contact.  Select the 'Add To List +' button (screenshot) from there.

To add multiple Contacts to a List in one go, select all relevant records and click 'Add To List +'. 



From the List tab

Select the List to which you want to add Contacts.  Click '+Add Contacts'.

Similarly to adding Contacts to Sakari, you have two options on how to add Contacts to a List:

  • Manually - Add a single Contact to your List
  • Import CSV - Add multiple Contacts to your List by importing a CSV file

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Selecting Add Manually will enable you to create a new contact in Sakari and add them to your List simultaneously.

Selecting Import CSV allows you to add Contacts to a List in bulk.


CSV Upload Requirements

Please check the following before uploading your CSV file:

The file has the following two mandatory columns:

  • Mobile: the phone number you wish to send the message to.
  • Country: the 2-character country code of the number you wish to send the message to (e.g. if you are sending to an American number, type "US")


  • You're uploading a CSV (not XLS or XLSX) file
  • You have already created Custom Attributes in Sakari to receive information from any columns of data (additional to the Core Attributes) that you want to upload

CSV Contacts Upload Template

Download our CSV Template to help you: CSV Contacts Upload Template 


Note: If your uploaded file contains telephone numbers already added to Sakari, the corresponding Contact's data will be overwritten.  Please see Managing Contacts/Bulk Edit.


Once you have added your file, you will see the following:

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 9.54.16 AM.png


  1. Map the Contact Attributes to the column headers in your uploaded CSV file
  2. Delete (using the trash can) any attributes/column headers that contain information you do not want to upload or that do not have a corresponding column in the file
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