How to Bulk Tag Contacts in Sakari

Tag multiple contacts in Sakari at once using a bulk import and export.

Sakari allows you to tag contacts with unlimited custom tags.  Tags are a great way to organize and filter your data.

Tags can be added to a contact in three different ways: 

  1. Individually, by editing a single contact record 
  2. In bulk, prior to uploading your contacts
  3. In bulk, after you've uploaded your contacts

This support article will focus on the scenario #3, add bulk tags after your contacts have already been created.

Getting Started

1. Select Contacts from the left navigation menu. 

2. Click the Download button in the lower left to download all of your contacts.  This will download a CSV file of all of your contact records. 

3. Open the CSV file in Excel.  It will look something like the following image.

4. Delete the non-needed columns.  It's it recommend that you only keep three columns: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile

5. Add a new column called "Tags" (Plural).  Add your tag to each contact you want to apply a tag too.  If you want multiple tags for a contact, add a "|" to delimit them.  

6. Save you file in a CSV file format.  In Excel, go to File > Save As as select "CSV"

PRO TIP: ensure that you save your file in a "CSV" file format.

7. In Sakari, on the Contacts page, click the "Bulk Upload" button.

8. Upload the CSV file you created earlier and click "NEXT." 

9. Ensure that your CSV file column "Tags" has been mapped to the property of Tags in Sakari. Click "UPLOAD."

10. Your tags have now been added.  You can view them in the Tags column on the Contacts page.

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