Adding Regulatory Info to Number (US & CA)


Initial Registration

when initially registering, you can select the numbers you want associated with your regulatory campaign. Once approved, the numbers selected during this process will be automatically associated with the 10DLC regulatory registration.

Adding Campaign to a new number

If you have newly added local numbers directly from Sakari or through the hosted messaging process, you can still attach these numbers to your approved 10DLC registration.

See the steps below:

  • Click 'register' from the compliance field under the senders tab
  • Accept the warning information for submitting a new registration
  • select the numbers you would like to attach (if more than one)
  • Click on the "approved" brand ID square and hit next
  • Click on the "approved" campaign ID square, and you're done!

 Up to 50 local numbers can be attached to a single 10DLC registration.


*Special Cases*

Occasionally, parent companies will own a Sakari account, with multiple DBA companies working within the same account. To register properly, the numbers associated with the different DBA companies must be registered with the same brand ID as the parent company in the steps above, but then click "create new campaign" on the second page to register their specific business information. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to Sakari support: 




Toll-Free submissions cannot be edited or attached to multiple numbers like 10DLC registration can. Each Toll-Free number must be submitted for verification, whether purchased with Sakari or brought over via the hosted messaging process. To learn more about this process, click the hyperlink here Toll-Free Verification.

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