Add Aircall numbers to Sakari


Once you have connected your accounts, you can easily add your Aircall numbers to Sakari.

Import via Senders

  • In the Sakari left-hand navigation panel, navigate to Senders > Add Sender
  • Select Import Number, select Aircall
  • You'll see a page that looks like this


  • Select the number(s) you would like to import and click Import


Number not present

If the number you want to import does not appear, please:

  • select the next page of numbers using the arrow icon
  • search for the last four digits of the number in the search bar
  • confirm the number is part of the connected Aircall account

Number cannot be selected (greyed out)

If the number you want to import is greyed out with the message "Please contact Aircall to activate SMS on this number", Aircall need to configure the number for use with Sakari.

Please let the Aircall team know you want to text-enable your numbers with Sakari, as they need to configure them appropriately.

Click here: Create a ticket with Aircall

Number status is 'Pending' in Senders after import

When you connect your Aircall account to Sakari, we run tests to check if your numbers are ready for two-way messaging.  Sometimes, numbers fail to pass these tests. When this happens, they are labelled "Pending" in the Senders section.

Resolve pending numbers

Please check if your numbers are added to the Sakari integration in your Aircall dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Aircall Admin Dashboard:
  2. Click Integrations on the left-hand side.
  3. Find the Sakari integration to which you want to connect the numbers and click Configure.
  4. Click Add or remove numbers and add the numbers.

Once all the numbers have been added, go back to Sakari and repeat the process in Import your Aircall Numbers above.

If the numbers don't appear, there is something wrong with the number's configuration on Aircall's side. Please let us know by sending a request to our support team at, and we'll work with Aircall to finish the fix.

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