10DLC (US local number) Registration Guide


For most businesses, only 1 Brand and 1 Campaign need to be registered.

Each brand submission will be charged a non-refundable one-time fee of $4.

Each campaign submission will be charged a non-refundable $45 fee that includes:

  • $15 one-time campaign vetting fee
  • $30 recurring quarterly subscription fee

Sakari collects these fees on submission of your application and passes them in full to the carriers.

If you receive an error during the registration process or if something needs to be fixed with your submission, please contact our support team.

We will email you if and when your submission is approved.


We will email you if your 10DLC submission is rejected, along with the reason why.  The most common reasons for rejection are:

  • Invalid Call to Action (CTA)
  • Missing opt-out message
  • SHAFT-C content
  • Lack of a website or online presence
  • Insufficient / Non-compliant privacy policy

To understand the requirements before you begin your application, please read the articles 'US Local Phone Number Registration' and 'US and Canada Messaging Campaign Best Practices'.


If you have any queries about the reasons for rejection or would like to apply again, please email help@sakari.io.  We can provide advice (based on experience) on what changes are required for a successful re-submission.  We cannot guarantee the approval of any re-submission.

Sakari will re-submit your application for 10DLC for you.  The carriers charge $15 US to vet each campaign submission (or re-submission).

If you want Sakari to re-submit, please make any necessary changes and let us know when that's done.  We will re-submit the campaign for review and raise an invoice for $15 against the default payment method on your Sakari account.

US Local Phone Number Registration

Go to the Senders section to register your local number(s). 

  • Click Register under the Compliance column for the number you wish to register.
  • Check the box to confirm you agree to pay the necessary fees via Sakari
  • Click Get Started

Additional numbers

A single 10DLC registration covers up to 49 US local numbers on a single Sakari account.  If this is your first 10DLC registration application, please select all the numbers displayed.  They'll all be aligned with the registration automatically once it's approved.

Section 1 - Support Contact & Brand Details

Enter the information for the contact responsible for this application and the details of your brand.


The Campaign Registry (to which this information is provided) is extremely sensitive to accuracy.  Minor variance items like errant commas and capitalization can reject brand approval.

This information must match your registered information exactly.

Country:  When you select a country, the address fields will appear.

The 'Next' button highlights when all required fields have been completed.

Section 2 - Select a Campaign


The term 'Campaign' is a catch-all.  It refers to all types of numbers sent from a Brand - 1:1, bulk, automated, marketing, and transactional.

Select at least one and up to five use cases for the SMS you're sending from the number(s) you're registering.
Additional numbers can be added to a campaign after approval if needed.

Section 3 - Campaign Details

Description:  This is where you provide a general description of the messaging.  Please only state the information relevant to the number(s) you're applying to verify.

Please describe why you're sending messages, what they contain and who you're sending them to.  This should ideally include:

  • a description of the recipients (e.g. employees, customers, franchisees, etc.)
  • the reason for sending them messages
  • what prompts these messages to be sent
  • the information likely to be contained in the messages
  • the frequency of the messages
  • the expected outcome of sending them messages

Please use complete sentences where possible and a minimum of 25/maximum of 500 characters.


SMS opt-in

The registration of messaging from US local numbers requires evidence of SMS opt-in.  Please see our article US and Canada Messaging Campaign Best Practices

Call to action message flow (opt-in methods):

The carriers need you to prove that you're providing your contacts with an explicit, unconditional and specific choice to consent (or not) to receiving SMS from your organisation.  You need to provide this through one or more of the following methods: 

  • Website form: a web form where the client adds a number and explicitly agrees to receive SMS
  • Website posting: when the number is advertised and/or the customer can find the number to text in
  • Keyword or QR code: when the customer finds a keyword to send to a number
  • Voice/IVR: where the customer states their opt-in verbally or by selecting an IVR option (requires a record in your database/CRM (i.e. a checkbox saying that the customer opted in and the date))
  • 2FA/OTP
  • Paper form

Describe the step-by-step process or 'flow' for how the contacts for this campaign give you their consent to receive SMS.  Where relevant, please include:

  • direct links to websites/contact forms
  • SMS keywords that will be used

Please use as much detail as possible.  Use a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 500 characters.

Add two sample messages - please ensure:

  • the content aligns with the descriptions provided earlier in the form
  • both sample messages include the opt-out language you use (e.g. "Reply STOP to cancel")
  • the total character count of both messages does not exceed 500 characters.

Campaign Options - check the boxes as appropriate for your campaign.

Embedded Link - are you likely to include links in your SMS? (usually yes)

Embedded Phone Number - are you likely to have phone numbers in your SMS? (usually yes)

Number Pooling - are you using 50+ different numbers to send your campaign(s)? (usually no)

Age-Gated Content - will you be sending age-gated content? (usually no)

Direct Lending or Loan Arrangement - are you offering a direct lending or loan arrangement? (usually no)

Subscriber opt-in, opt-out, and help

Successful 10DLC registration requires evidence of opt-in by keyword, so please do not uncheck this box.

If you use your specific keywords to enable contacts to opt-in to SMS via an SMS message, please list them and the message they will receive here.

(For more information about how to set up keyword opt-in via Sakari, please see this article.)

Sakari supports the carrier opt-in keyword 'START'.  Contacts who send in this keyword will receive this message:

[your brand]: You are now opted-in.  For help, reply HELP.  To opt-out, reply STOP

The field is pre-populated.  Please add your brand name to the pre-populated message if you don't use specific keywords.


Terms and conditions

Read and agree to the terms and conditions and click 'Submit'.

You'll see this page if your application was successful:

V2 Registration Success Page.png

If you don't see the success page, you receive an error message, or something else seems wrong, please do not submit your registration again.  Instead, please reach out to Sakari Support at help@sakari.io.

Thank you!

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