[BETA] How to Turn on Phone Number Validation


This article is specific to the new Beta Sakari customer dashboard. If you are not using this beta, please look for the article without the [BETA] in the subject.

The full public rollout of the new portal for all customers will occur Oct 20, 2023.

When text messages are sent to a landline phone number they will error, but these are still chargeable messages.

We offer an additional service to validate all phone numbers as mobile prior to attempting to send a text message.  By confirming a phone number as being a mobile number, you will save money not attempting to send text messages to landline phone numbers.

The cost for each number validation is $0.01 USD, and is turned on at the account level.



  • In the left navigation select Settings > Account Settings
  • Select the Advanced sheet
  • Enable the Validate Phone Numbers selection


Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 11.05.33 AM.png

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