[BETA] What does a Sender's 'Status' indicate?


This article is specific to the new Beta Sakari customer dashboard. If you are not using this beta, please look for the article without the [BETA] in the subject.

The full public rollout of the new portal for all customers will occur Oct 20, 2023.

In Senders (a.k.a. Phone Numbers), the column called Status indicates the readiness of the number to send text messages via Sakari.


Sender Status Types

  • Active - the number is ready to use 
  • Pending - we are awaiting confirmation from the carriers that the number has been updated and is ready for use.
  • Verified - we have verified your ownership of the number and you now need to sign the Letter of Authorization (LOA).  Please check your email for the Letter of Authorization, if you cannot find it, please contact the Sakari support team.
  • Unverified - the number is added to Sakari and we need you to verify your ownership of the phone number.  Please contact the Sakari support team to verify ownership.
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