Manage Senders

Sender Table

The Senders table allows you to view all numbers associated with your account and the main attributes of that sender:

  • Number - Phone Number
  • Type - Local US number, Toll-Free, Sender ID
  • Channels - SMS or Email.
  • Groups - Associated with this number
  • Status - Active, Pending, Verified
  • Compliance - Verification status for toll-free numbers / 10DLC status for local numbers


Sender Status

This field indicates the readiness of the number to send text messages via Sakari.

Sender Status Types

  • Active - the number is ready to use 
  • Pending - we are awaiting confirmation from the carriers that the number has been updated and is ready for use.
  • Verified - we have verified your ownership of the number and you now need to sign the Letter of Authorization (LOA).  Please check your email for the Letter of Authorization, if you cannot find it, please contact the Sakari support team.
  • Unverified - the number is added to Sakari and we need you to verify your ownership of the phone number.  Please contact the Sakari support team to verify ownership.

Sender Settings

To see more details for a specific sender, you can click anywhere along the sender row.


SMS configuration for the selected phone number

  • Countries served - Toggle for which this sender is enabled.  You can remove a country from a sender by clicking the specific country button to deselect and saving
  • Status - Active / Pending
  • Type - Toll-Free vs Local Number
  • Provider
    • A dedicated number set up and purchased through Sakari will indicate that
    • Imported numbers from Aircall, Twilio, or other providers will be indicated appropriately
  • Groups - Group for which this sender is configured. A sender can belong to a maximum of 1 group.


Voice configuration for this number.

Incoming behavior

  • Route calls with call forwarding
  • Calls sent to voicemail

Voicemail Message

  • A Voicemail message can be configured in this space

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