[BETA] Create and Manage Auto-Responders


This article is specific to the new Beta Sakari customer dashboard. If you are not using this beta, please look for the article without the [BETA] in the subject.

The full public rollout of the new portal for all customers will occur Oct 20, 2023.

Group Auto-Responders allow you to trigger a specific message based on either any incoming message or a specific Keyword to the Phone Number that's associated with the Group.

You can also choose a specific time/schedule for when this Auto-Responder can be triggered:

  • In office - Triggers during your Group's Office Hours only
  • Out of office - Triggers during non-Group Office Hours only
  • Always - Will always be available to Trigger
  • Custom - A unique schedule can be created that ignores your Group's Office Hours

Groups - Auto Responder with Custom Hours:


[BETA] Manage Messages

When using the In office & and Out of office options in your Group Auto-Responder you'll first need to set-up your Group's Office Hours:


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