[Campaigns] Overview

Use the Campaigns view in Sakari to view, manage, execute and report on the campaigns you have created

View campaigns

The Campaigns view will show each of the campaigns you've created in a 'collapsed' view.

This view will show you:

  • The name of the campaign
  • The date it was last executed
  • The date it is scheduled to be executed next (if applicable)
    • If a campaign was created as 'On Demand' then you will see 'No executions scheduled'
  • Whether the campaign is Active or Paused

Search and sort campaigns

Campaigns can be searched by name in the Search box. 

The view can be sorted by:

  • date created (most to least recent)
  • date last executed (most to least recent)


Available actions

Click the three dots to reveal the available actions for that campaign:

  • Execute
  • Pause / Resume
  • Duplicate
  • Edit
  • Delete

Expanded view

Click the 'arrow' on the right of the collapsed view to switch to expanded view.


You'll see a timestamp of each execution of this campaign.  For each execution, you'll see:

  • The quantity of messages submitted to the carrier
  • The quantity of failed messages
  • The total price of the submitted messages
  • The status of the campaign

On the right you'll see a chart showing you the quantity of messages that:

  • are processing - newly created and validated
  • are in transit - with carrier
  • have been sent (or delivered)
  • encountered an error (with processing)

Hover over any column to see more detail on the messages in each status - for example, the nature of the errors that were encountered.

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