[BETA] Add and Manage Lists

List Management

You can add new and manage existing lists by navigating to the 'Contacts' page and selecting 'Lists'. From here, you can add and make bulk or individual edits to customize your lists. Once you are satisfied with the list you've created, you can then use them in your campaigns to target specific users for messaging. You can find more about this in our campaigns section. 

Add a list

At the bottom of the 'Lists' module there is a button to 'Add New List' which will create an empty new list named after the created date. You can edit the name of this list with the small pencil icon.

Manage your existing Lists

Select the List you wish to modify in order to make bulk or individual edits

    • You can bulk bulk upload contacts with the same attributes as the manual contact card fields by selecting the 'Import CSV' 
    • The 'Add Manually' button will create a new contact and automatically adds it to the selected list 
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Mobile is the only required field
      • Email



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