Getting Started with the New Sakari Dashboard


Sakari has a brand new look and feel, and we are excited for you to use the new Sakari Hub Dashboard!

There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you have a successful onboarding to the new product experience.

Visit our Setup and Configuration help center section to see more.


The new Inbox feature allows users to quickly navigate between Groups to filter conversations.

Organized by Groups, the new inbox view allows you to have multiple inboxes. Some accounts have a Group for Marketing and another Group for Support. If you are a franchise agency, you might want separate Groups for each of your business locations.

What's new in Inbox

  • Contacts are directly accessible from a conversation
  • Infinite scroll (no more pagination)
  • Scheduled messages
    • Individual messages can be scheduled to send at a future date
  • Automatic refreshing (inbox messages will update live)
  • AI Message generator
  • Filters for Archived or Unread conversations
  • Mark message as unread
  • Outbound messages display sending user


We've made some big changes to Contacts, from the interface to some of the functionality.

Contacts now load faster, are easier to manage, and better organized for general usage and line up cleaner with our integrations.

What's new in Contacts

  • Contact tags no longer exist; contacts can now be organized with Lists
  • Improved CSV file import process
  • Contacts can be exported
  • Full contact deletion
  • Improved page load time
  • Custom attribute management
  • Contact multi-select
    • Can be used to create a campaign with selected contacts directly from Contacts
    • Can be used to add contacts to List


Campaigns have been overhauled in the new Sakari as well.  Campaigns are now more straightforward and easier to configure.

What's new in Campaigns

  • New consolidated campaigns (no more scheduled vs manual vs file upload)
  • Improved campaign reporting
  • Sakari List enrollment in Campaigns
  • HubSpot List enrollment in Campaigns
  • Advanced conditional contact attribute criteria to filter existing contacts for campaigns
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities


Phone numbers are now called Senders.  From this view, you can easily view a list of all your phone numbers, assignments by Group, and self-manage your 10DLC (US) registration and Toll Free number verification processes.

What's (new) in Senders

  • Self-managed phone number destination country management
  • Self-managed 10DLC registration
  • Self-managed Toll Free Verification
  • Self-managed phone number purchasing (paid plans only)
  • Self-managed phone number removal
  • Call management, including call forwarding, voicemail text to voice, and configuring emails of recorded messages
  • Automatic phone number formatting by country 


In the new Sakari, Groups are required to see conversations in the Inbox. This means you must have at least one Group created, and a sender (phone number) added to the Group.

Users added to the Group will have access to the all the senders in the Group, and the conversations associated with those senders.

Users in a Group will have access to its senders and associated conversations.

How the Inbox works with Groups

Once you have Groups setup properly, you will see a dropdown menu at the top of the page next to the word "Inbox." This is how you navigate between your Groups. Groups include both users and senders.

What's new in Groups

  • Shared pool fallback enablement
  • Auto-responders are now configured by Group
  • Custom office hours management (for advanced auto-responder rules)
  • Ability to add multiple phone numbers to a single Group


The Sakari Dashboard has a new integrations marketplace -

There are three types of integrations:

  • CRM (HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, etc)
  • Notification integrations (e.g. Slack)
  • Phone Number integrations (e.g. Aircall, Twilio, etc)
    • The process for adding integrated phone numbers is now within Senders


Create links with your configured custom domain, track clicks, and generate QR codes!


Settings have been reorganized! We've broken it down for easier management and configuration.

What's new in Settings

  • Whitelisting a domain to automate user access
  • Billing
    • Self-managed tax information (e.g. EIN, VAT)
    • Self-managed invoice email address
    • Support for multiple payment methods
    • Define custom top-up amounts
    • Self manage monthly and annual plans
    • Enhanced invoices
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