Using HubSpot workflows with the new Sakari


In Getting Started with the new Sakari, we showed you how to setup groups so that you can see conversations from senders in the Inbox. In this article, we'll go through setting up both Hubspot deal workflows and Hubspot contact workflows and using them with the new Inbox.

Groups Requirement

One thing to keep in mind is that the Inbox requires groups to see conversations. To learn more about this, checkout the previous article. In that article we show you how to add senders to a group, which may have an impact on Hubspot Workflows if you had already had them setup with Sakari.

Contact-based Workflows: The "Run As" Field

The Hubspot Integration allows users to specify the group used to send messages to contacts that enroll in a workflow and reach a Send SMS action. In the old Sakari, you could leave this blank. In the new Sakari, we require mapping the "run as" field to one of your groups via tags.


  1. Navigate to Groups via the left navbar menu in Sakari.
  2. Edit the group you would like to use with your Hubspot workflow. If you do not have any groups, checkout the previous article.
  3. Add a tag.
  4. Save the group and login to Hubspot.
  5. Create or edit a contact-based workflow. If it is your first time creating a Hubspot workflow, check out the Hubspot help center for some guidance.
  6. Add the Sakari send SMS action to your Hubspot workflow.
  7. In the configuration settings, you will see the run as field. Input the tag you created.
  8. Every time a contact enrolls in the workflow and reaches the Send SMS action, Hubspot will use the group that contains the tag you created to send the message.

Note: If you have more than one sender in a group, Sakari will automatically choose the sender that will maximize your chance of deliverability.

Using Contact Tokens in the "Run As" Field

Contact tokens can be used to determine the "run as" value dynamically, meaning the workflow will choose which Sakari group to send from depending on a contact's data.


A common use case for this is sending an SMS message from the contact owner's group in Sakari. You may choose to setup groups for each individual team member, or have teammates share senders in a group.

Deal-based Workflows

Deal-based workflows in Hubspot require a slightly different setup process. Instead of inputing the group tag in the "run as" field (step 7 above), input the tag in the send from field. Do not leave this field blank, or your workflow will not execute properly.


Now that you know how to map Hubspot workflows to groups in Sakari, you are ready to turn on your workflow and begin managing conversations in the Sakari Inbox. Just remember, do not leave run as or send from fields blank.

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