Add a Phone Number provided by HubSpot

You can add a US toll-free or US local number provided by HubSpot to Sakari to send SMS in the United States and Canada.  Once added to Sakari, your team can continue to use the telephone number to send/receive voice calls. 

The current lead time for HubSpot to approve a hosted phone number is 3 to 5 days.  Please get in touch with HubSpot Support or your representative to help speed up this process.



  1. Complete the steps outlined in: Bring Your Own Number - Hosted Messaging Landline/VOIP Text Enablement
  2. Once all steps have been completed, reach out to HubSpot support or your representative to advise them of your request to update the number for use with Sakari.  Ask them to manually complete the request when they receive it.
  3. Send a support ticket to so that we can help expedite this process.







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