MSG-024 Error - Message appears to be a duplicate

What does the MSG-024 Error mean?

The MSG-024 error indicates that Sakari has identified your message as being a likely duplicate, and we have stopped the message from sending. 

Sakari has an internal checker that prevents the same message from being sent to a contact within a 30 minute period without receiving a reply from the contact, which resets the timer. 

Why does Sakari block duplicate messages?

This logic is in place to avoid spamming a single contact with duplicate messages.  This generally happens in one of three scenarios:

  1. Duplicate Contacts - you have the same contact listed multiple times in your database or CRM, generally with different names but the same phone number
  2. While Testing - while testing you may attempt to send the same message multiple times 
  3. Workflows - you have an out-of-control workflow process, causing contacts to repeatedly enroll

How can I get around this? 

In order to be able to send the same message please wait 30 minutes, change your message (e.g. "Test 1", "Test 2") or have the recipient reply to the message to reset the timer. 


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