MSG-023 Error - Message was rejected by carrier

What does the MSG-023 Error mean?

If a message you sent is not delivered to the end device and returns a MSG-023 error code, this means that your message was filtered (blocked) by Sakari or our downstream carrier. This may be done by Sakari for violating Sakari's Terms of Service, or by a wireless carrier for violating carrier rules or regulations.



Messages can be rejected by Sakari as well as with our downstream providers.

Examples of messaging that would be blocked by Sakar are SPAM, phishing, and fraud. Downstream of Sakari, carriers also use filters to block abusive traffic, as well as to enforce rules or regulations about what types of messaging are allowed to that country or mobile network.


Possible Causes of MSG-023

  • Your message was identified as spam or unwanted messaging 
  • Your message was flagged as objectionable and blocked by a wireless carrier


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