MSG-008 Error - Message marked as SPAM by carrier

What does the MSG-008 Error mean?

The MSG-008 error indicates that Sakari has sent the message to the carrier and they have identified it as SPAM. 


How to avoid being marked as SPAM

Here are the best practices that customers can follow to prevent their messages from being marked as SPAM by Sakari or the downstream carrier network: 


Never send text messaging content related to S.H.A.F.T. content

  • Sex
  • Hate
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Tobacco (including cannabis)

Text messages with content that’s directly or remotely related to these categories will most likely be blocked as SPAM by either Bandwidth and/or one or more Tier 1 Mobile Network/Handset operators in the U.S.


Make sure users explicitly say they want messages from you.

The single most important practice is ensuring you have accurate, reliable opt-ins specific to the type of messages you’re sending consumers. Generally, opt-out rates are consistently low when you have obtained reliable and clear consumer opt-in consent. At any time, Sakari or other wireless carriers may request evidence of documented opt-in consent for a particular message sent from you (or your customers).


Don't use publicly available URL shorteners.

You can send text messages with full domains as well as shortened domains, although full domains are preferred by carriers.

URL shorteners may be used to deliver custom links, but avoid public and shared domain shorteners.

A partial list of free URL shorteners to avoid:


Provide opt-out functionality within the text messages sent, so receiving end-users can easily opt out at their discretion.

Consumers should be able to opt-out of messaging from your organization, and know how to do this.  Failing to have opt-out in the text messages sent may lead to carriers flagging and possibly blocking these messages as SPAM.


Don’t spread your campaigns over several numbers.

You should avoid spreading messages across many source phone numbers, specifically to dilute reputation metrics and evade filters. This is referred to as “snowshoeing” and can result in your content being blocked. If your messaging use case requires the use of multiple numbers to distribute “similar” or “like” content, please discuss it with your Sakari account executive.


Identify your brand.

Your application, service, or business name should be included in the content of the body of your message(s). 


  • “[Your Business Name]: You have an appointment for Friday, 5:00PM. Reply YES to confirm, NO to reschedule. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”


Use a single domain for URLs in your messages.

Each campaign should be associated with a single, specific web domain owned by you, the customer. Although a full domain is preferred, a custom URL shortener may be used to deliver custom links.

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