AUTH-006 Error - User does not have sufficient permissions to access this endpoint

Help!  I'm receiving the "AUTH-006 User does not have sufficient permissions to access this endpoint" error when I try to send messages.

Why is this happening?

Since 12 December 2022, users interacting with Sakari are required to have a user account in Sakari.

The AUTH-006 error occurs when:

  • a user does not have a Sakari profile and attempts to send a message
  • a user's profile does not have the required permissions (i.e. Read-Only)

What do I need to do?

Please check that all users interacting with Sakari also have a user profile in Sakari.

If they don't, please create one for them by following the steps in this article: Add, Update or Delete Account Users.  They'll receive an invitation email and instructions on how to set up a password.

Will adding users to my account impact my billing?

No - we don't license our software by user, so your billing will not be affected by adding more users.

Any other steps I need to take?

Using Groups to manage multiple numbers in Sakari?

Please ensure any new users are a made a member of any Group containing a number they need to use.

If you find that the issue is not resolved with these steps, please don't hesitate to contact our Support team at

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