Setting up the integration between Aircall and Sakari allows you to use a single phone number for both voice and text messaging. 

To setup your integration, three services will be required: 

  1. Aircall for voice
  2. Twilio for SMS and voice routing
  3. Sakari for SMS management


1.) Configure your phone number
If you do not currently have an Aircall phone number, create a new phone number in Twilio. 

This Twilio article walks through how to purchase a phone number in Twilio:

If you're already using Aircall, you need to port over your phone numbers to Twilio so SMS and voice calls can be properly routed.  

This Twilio article walks through how to port your phone number to Twilio:

2.) Setup your SIP trunking to Aircall.  
This will route all voice calls to Aircall. 

This Aircall article walks through that process: 

3.) Sakari Setup
Please grant access to your Twilio account to so the Sakari team can complete your Twilio account configuration.

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